Introducing 618 Garage

Welcome to the new 618 Garage Blog!

Going forward, the new blog will be a collaboration between myself (Mark) and my friend Matt. We are both big into cars, and we also share a passion for food, specifically BBQ. What better than a blog focused around both at the same time!? Between the two of us, we expect to be able to provide more regular content and updates. Which in turn should hopefully keep things fresh and interesting.

We plan to share photos and videos from automotive events like autocross, trackdays, and off-road excursions, while also sharing our successes (and failures) through our quests to become self-proclaimed backyard “pitmasters”. Additionally, there will be a section highlighting our favorite recipes, so be sure to check back regularly as we continue to add to it!

Neither of us are professionals, and we learn by trial and error and the help of many books and online support sites. We hope that our blog can be useful to you, whether you’re a gearhead, BBQ aficionado, or both!


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