RCREW Brake Master Cylinder Brace

I’m doing a series of brake upgrades over the next couple of weeks. Stainless lines, fresh rotors and pads, 4040 prop valve, and brake cylinder brace. When looking into what was available for the brace, the main option was not going to work because it interfered with where my FPR is mounted. Rather than attempt to re-route a bunch of lines, I went with the RCREW product. But I was a little leery because I could not find any pictures of the product installed.

It was delivered yesterday and I installed it last night. 40 minutes and 500 mosquito bites later, it was in. It’s really stout, machined aluminum with a lot of little spots to mount accessories to. I thought for sure that the FPR would mount directly to this thing, however for some reason they did not space the holes to the same spacing as the pre-punched holes in the strut tower where I had mounted my FPR originlly… Frustrating, but I will figure it out.

Product was ordered from Checkerd Sports. It took about 45 minutes to install, but mainly it was due to trying to wedge the longer bolt in by the brake booster, since the ITR booster is bigger it was a really tight fit.

The difference in pedal feel is staggering, and it eliminated any spongy feeling in the pedal.

This video shows how much the MC moves without the brace. ~1/16″-1/8″ of firewall flex. This tiny amount of movement leads to a mushy pedal.

Here are some pictures of it installed. While I would’ve preferred black, my only options were blue or gold. At least the gold matches the engine bay, and actually looks pretty nice.

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