Looped & Vented PS Rack

The steering rack that I currently have on the car is a 2000 GSR looped power steering rack. The 3-Turn LTL is nice, but I had been reading how adding a breather can improve steering. Many people are running just dry with a looped hose, which is the way I have had mine for 1.5 years now. But the rack still leaves something to be desired. I have found that in parts of the course (autocross) where it is very steering intensive, hard left then hard right and vice versa. The steering can suddenly feel heavier. I am attributing this to heat and vapor buildup in the rack. I could be COMPLETELY off on this, but thought it was worth testing.

So I’m giving this a try to see if I can notice any improvement. I don’t imagine that I will, but eh, worth a shot. For science!

Below is my setup. All in all, cost ~$40 between the lines, barb fittings, reservoir, and fluid.




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