Small Updates: Brakes & Steering

New stainless steel brake lines have arrived! They are direct bolt-in replacements for my current rubber lines. Very nice quality, with rubber coating on the outside of the ss, as well. I know some of the cheap lines that are sometimes found don’t always have this feature and are raw ss on the outside. Additionally, I have ordered an RCREW Master Brake Cylinder Brace. I checked the firewall flex on my car, and it’s about 3/16″ worth of movement. The addition of the brace should give me a more solid brake feel and better feedback and response.

I have also been looking for ways to improve my steering setup. I currently have a looped power GSR rack. When it heats up it can get a little bit difficult to turn, so I am thinking that it may be due to air/water in the rack that can’t escape. I have come up with a vented reservoir system that I plan to run the lines into. this should allow me to bleed my steering rack when I need to, but also allow the rack to breathe. I am using a hose clamp to secure the reservoir, and have attached it to where all of the brake hard lines run using an unused mounting bracket that I found in my engine bay. I was also able to put that H-R sweatband to use. More to come once I run the lines. I don’t expect the impact to be dramatic, but we’ll see.


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