Tackling the Wiring Woes

One of the things that has always been in the back of my mind as an issue with this car, is wiring. It’s something that I’ve never liked messing with, so I avoided it like the plague. About a month ago, the car developed a “bog” on extended highway trips. It was consistent, at cruising speeds slow acceleration would occur at 4200rpm. Then at 4000rpm… Then 3800rpm… etc as the trip continued.

I made the determination that the wiring woes of the car must be to blame, so I finally undertook the task that I had been avoiding for so long.

As you can see, the pigtails look MUUUUUCH better. I am 100% happy with how they turned out.

I also decided to tackle the reason why my right side marker light has never worked. The wiring was broken out of the butt connector. The previous owner used wire connectors EVERYWHERE. No soldering whatsoever.

Last, I had remember some very shady wiring that was done around the fuel pump. The previous owner had wired in a “security measure” that allowed him to disconnect wiring at the fuel pump to prevent the car from being stolen. I dug up the wires, and found that this is most likely the cause of the bogging I had experienced. Even from just a few minutes of idling, the wires and connectors were HOT to the touch.

This is now all removed, and I soldered the wire together properly.

I also fixed a broken wire on my right headlight that was out. The wire broke at the connection to one of the circuit boards.

IMG_7396 (2)

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