Back in 2016: Fitting Rear Plastics

After a rough 2015 of setbacks, I am back after it in 2016.

I have a short list of items that I want to knock out before my first event;
– Replace drivers’ side RTA bushing
– Swap Spark Plugs
– Add a second top mounting post to my radiator (it keeps rotating under braking, and was touching the frame)
– SOlder in a new set of injector pigtails. That was the major issue that I dealt with last season that created a whole slew of other issues.
– New brake rotors, probably Centric Premium
– And I wouldn’t mind having ProFunction throw the car onto the dyno for 30 minutes to an hour to put it through some abuse and see how everything looks.

Today, I had some spare time so I decided to install the rear plastics back into the car. Since I added the half cage, it wasn’t as simple as just popping them back in. The plastics required a good amount of trimming to make them slip into place. But I also wanted to make sure that it didn’t look like just some hack job Honda. So I trimmed the plastics carefully, and finished out the edges using trim piping.

Before Installing


Trimming the plastic

Fitted into place and reinstalled

Last item for the interior, is that I would like to add a small carpeted piece of wood to the trunk area to cover the spare tire space. Obviously not for when the car is on-track, but for daily use, and a little added compartment for storage.


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