New Magnaflow Exhaust Pre-Fab

Well, unfortunately the custom aluminum exhaust that ASI made for me is just not going to work… For the type of racing that I do, it is entirely too loud. The aluminum does a poor job of dampening the sound level, as the pitch was measured at greater than 103dB at one of the events. Not to mention the drone can be quite unbearable for longer drives… By the end of my 6 hour trip back from STL, I pretty much wanted to shoot myself.

Now I am no stranger to louder exhaust and long drives, but this was nuts. The drone was just too much…

I have decided to go ahead and have a new exhaust made from a full pre-bent 3″ stainless steel kit from KTeller. Helping dampen the volume will be two Magnaflow mufflers; a 5″x14″ round in the mid-pipe and a 4″x14″x9″ oval in the rear section. Between the two of these, along with the denser stainless steel tubing, I should have a pretty decent setup. I know that it won’t be silent, but I think that I should have a nice tone and the drone should be cut down significantly compared to the aluminum setup.

I am also on the fence about doing a lobster tail turndown at the rear tip…

20150805_001800251_iOS 20150805_001805780_iOS 20150805_001810194_iOS 20150805_001819465_iOS

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