K-Swap Chronicles: Dyno Tuning!!

After an afternoon at ProFunction, the car was finally ready for the dyno.

Some things that we came across that are kindof peculiar;

– When the MAF sensor is bad, the ECU reads 11lbs of boost

– When the TPS sensor is bad, the ECU was preventing 2 cylinders from firing

Additionally, we re-tapped the intake manifold for power brakes, looped my heater hose to get rid of a pesky leak due to the heater core tubing getting all jacked up and destroyed, and fixed the crank issue. It turns out that the crank pulser wheel was installed backwards which was causing my crank issues.

At around 10PM, we strapped the car onto the dyno and Mikey got to work.

DSC_0745 (2)




So the results… We pushed the car for 15 runs, no smoking, no overheating. It ran phenomenally all night and I was not disappointed. It was really a huge relief to see everything finally come together. HUGE THANKS to both Mikey & John over at ProFunction for working overtime to get me on the dyno yesterday!

245whp/193ft-lb with the rev limit bumped up to 8000rpm

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