Pick Up & The Road Home

Well the CTR is finally back in my possession! Last week, I drove a trailer down to Cincinnati to pick it up from ASI. When I got there, there were still a few outstanding items that needed to be addressed before I could take it out of there. We bolted up the  wideband O2 sensor, trimmed the hood for clearance, adjusted a few things, topped off and burped the coolant, etc etc.

20150630_232651742_iOS 20150701_020620156_iOS

At about 10PM, we finally were able to load her up onto the trailer and I could begin my 6.5 hour drive home… I got home around 4:30AM, passed out in my bed for 3 hours then woke up for work the next day. I’m glad the car is back in my possession now so that I can get the last few items buttoned up to start racing.20150701_054423252_iOS 20150701_075605359_iOS 20150701_054758398_iOS 20150701_054455299_iOS

There are a few things still outstanding that I need to address and fix;

– Cage needs better paint coverage

– tap the intake manifold and hook up the Brake Booster

– I either have a vacuum leak, timing is off, voltage/grounding isn’t good, or something along those lines because the car is cutting out at 2500rpm…

– safety harness inside lap belt eye bolts are not installed

– paint the trimmed sections under the hood

– reinstall interior, and trim the rear quarter panels to fit the cage

– change fluids; engine oil, trans fluid, brake fluid

– align the wheels

– Dyno tuning at ProFunction by Mikey

– install new rear brake pads

– fix coolant leak at heater core return hose at the firewall. Looks like the tube is oval-shaped, so must’ve gotten a little crushed and not sealing on the hose properly

– interior fan is not working

More to come on progress with all of these things early next week!

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