K-Swap Chronicles: It’s alive, but not ready…

Well, it has been over 6 months since I left my car in Cincinnati… While the car certainly should be done by now, we have seen our fair share of hiccups, unforeseen delays, and scheduling issues.

The good news, is that the car is running and seems that the engine is strong and healthy. For those of you who may remember from a while back, my donor engine leakdown numbers were very poor. So from that perspective, things are good.

Everything engine and suspension-wise are completed, with the exception of the intake. The Hybrid-Racing CAI that I had planned to use didn’t fit properly with the washer fluid reservoir still installed, and the hose was kinking. So we have decided to make a custom 3″ aluminum intake with an airbox, wrapped in gold reflective foil. The filter is going to be an AFE 7″ with a 6″ velocity stack inlet. I have always preferred a well-designed short ram for the responsiveness over a CAI, so this should work out better anyway.

The custom aluminum exhaust is complete, but wayyyy too loud. we couldn’t hear each other from 3 feet away while it was idling… No sanctioning body is going to allow the car to run at that volume. So we’ve decided to make an additional rear muffler section out of stainless steel to give us more options on muffler selection. We’ve decided to go with a Magnaflow oval, and a removable Skunk2 Silencer for street driving. Since I drive the car early in the morning through neighborhoods and small towns to get to local events, the quieter the better. The original design featured a v-band before the rear suspension to leave us this option if needed.




20150612_150824109_iOS 20150612_150901653_iOS

Custom Crow Blackbird Camlock Harnesses are in.

20150612_214657055_iOS 20150612_214729103_iOS

The cage is still in progress. The front and rear boxes are now complete. The last time that I was at the shop I realized that the main hoop was bent and tacked in, assuming that no interior plastics were being reinstalled. Being that I want to keep the car clean, this needed to change. I don’t want this to look like a hacked up track car. I want it to be enjoyable to drive on the street, competitive for autocross, and a blast at the track. All while keeping with the spirit of the CTR.

20150612_150001921_iOS 20150619_224805000_iOS 20150619_224819000_iOS

We also decided to run a braided stainless fuel line from the fuel pump to the inline filter.

20150619_224840000_iOS 20150619_224901000_iOS

I purchased a small generic coolant overflow tank on Amazon and plasti dipped it black. It will probably be mounted behind the driver headlight on the airbox.

20150608_231631364_iOS 20150608_231637761_iOS 20150608_232510686_iOS 20150609_022758372_iOS

And here’s a quick teaser of the engine bay.



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