K-Swap Chronicles: Progression, Near Completion

In the last month, there have been lots of little things that have slowed progress and caused us to wait for new parts to arrive and prevented completion. Last month, we were about ready to wire up the car when we realized that the “Main Engine Harness” that was purchased back in January was a “Lower Engine Room Harness”… So that sucked and set us back a few days while we waited for a minty fresh one to arrive at the dealership. This past week, we found that we did not have the half shaft that we needed to make everything work. Along with the fact that apparently nobody makes a damn heater hose for a K24 in an EK… Kind of insane, but if it was easy then it wouldn’t be fun :P.

Anyway, I won’t ramble on for too long, I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

New ball joints and Rear Camber Kit are in.

20150514_18161720150514_110614346_iOSIMG_4247IMG_4246Radiator and Exhaust.

20150514_181303 IMG_4253 20150514_181311 20150514_110538201_iOS  20150519_191447338_iOS

The CAI was rubbing on the washer fluid tank and causing the tubing to kink, so we started exploring out SRI options. We cut the long CAI silicone tubing down to create a short ram in #1 and #2, with #1 having a 6″ filter with velocity stack. Then for #3 it is just a rudimentary aluminum tube mock-up.


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