K-Swap Chronicles: Making Progress

This past weekend I visited ASI to help move things along with the build. Points of focus were; to discuss the cage final design plans, finish engine assembly, install the DC Subframe, and install the new Hybrid Racing Shifter.

Here is the latest on the cage… Pat discussed how he wasn’t totally impressed with the strength of the rear strut towers and that he felt the best option would be to build rigid boxes with dimpled steel plates as a base to mount against for the rear bars.

20150314_123833165_iOS20150314_123838456_iOS20150314_123849706_iOSAfter that, we rolled the car over to the lift so that we could begin work on the subframe and shifter.

20150314_134046512_iOS 20150314_161713665_iOS 20150314_161716224_iOS 20150314_163714301_iOS 20150314_163730808_iOS

Here are some pictures of the new version Hybrid Racing Shifter. This was one of the first runs of the shifter that was sent out, so fitment wasn’t 100% perfect. We needed to cut the shifter trim out and grind down a corner of the tunnel. I spoke with H-R about it, and they said that fitment issues had been corrected after the first few shifters went out. While this was a frustrating setback, we were able to get it fitted and I’m confident it will be a great shifter.

20150314_164334441_iOS 20150314_164341172_iOS 20150314_164348680_iOS 20150314_164915047_iOS  20150314_173507535_iOS 20150314_174116136_iOS We sprayed with a coat of paint at this step and let it dry for about an hour before completing the install.

20150314_174329608_iOSShifter mounted up.

20150314_190416558_iOS 20150314_193625671_iOS

Next we installed the DC subframe and steering rack. Unfortunately the control arms that I bought did not have the endlink connections and were not going to work with the FSB… I didn’t realize this when I bought them, so I had to order a set of ITR control arms which are now on their way. We began installation of the engine mounting brackets, but when I sold the B16B I included the engine mounts and all hardware with the engine. So we got held up by not having the proper hardware for every bracket to finish the installation.

20150314_200229213_iOS 20150314_182032572_iOS 20150314_182036630_iOS 20150314_200241025_iOS 20150314_200235243_iOS

Some engine assembly pictures and other random ones that I took. This shows the K20A2 Oil Pump and Baffle

20150314_123637852_iOS 20150314_123437980_iOS 20150314_173049914_iOS 20150314_173342305_iOS 20150314_173328626_iOS 20150314_200439963_iOS

20150314_173328626_iOS 20150314_173333230_iOS 20150314_200417783_iOS

Finished assembly with the newly powdercoated valve cover and Civic Si spark plug cover.

20150317_140612000_iOS  20150317_171903000_iOS

Some shots of the car on the lift. Things are coming together, hopefully the engine can go in the car by the end of this week, along with the ITR control arms and FSB. Then the cage will be next to complete, followed by design and fabrication of the ASI custom 3″ aluminum exhaust.

20150314_200212826_iOS 20150314_200220316_iOS

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