K-Swap Chronicles: Engine Assembly Teaser

As with these things, progress can be slow and little by little gets done over time. The engine assembly is nearly all complete, and the differential is in the transmission. I will be traveling to Cincinnati this weekend to hopefully get the engine officially dropped into the car, as well as run most of the connections and install the shifter.

Once all of this is done, ASI can begin the design and fabrication of the custom 3″ aluminum exhaust that we are putting on the car. I will have plenty more pictures and updates after this weekend so hold tight! We are shooting for my first event to be 4/21!

Some visible parts pictured here… RBC Intake Manifold, Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail Kit, and RDX Injectors.

20150311_190327000_iOS20150311_190343000_iOS50* K20A2 VTC Gear, Pinned to 45* by Hytech for added mechanical limit safety.


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