K-Swap Chronicles: ASI Visit #2

This past weekend, I drove back to Cincinnati to get a little bit of work done on the car. I had some pretty lofty goals that I wanted to accomplish, and wasn’t quite able to get it all done. The biggest let down was not being able to get the DC subframe into the car. Mainly because I didn’t realize that it was missing several bolts and mounts that were needed. Long story short, we removed the EK subframe then had to reinstall it at the end of the day so that we could set the car back on level ground for the cage to be installed. Not ideal, but that’s the way these things go sometimes. Especially when trying to manage from a distance. At least now I know the last few things that are needed to get it completed. Anyway, I did post up some pictures of what we were able to accomplish.

Finished stripping out the interior to prepare for the cage and painting, along with radio and antenna removal.

20150207_151533798_iOS20150207_153136180_iOSAntenna Delete. To do this, there is a small plug behind where the little cup tray is below the drivers side vent. Unplug that and it pulls right out. I also removed the rest of the wiring from the dash.


Alex Bracket Wing Risers. The install on these wasn’t difficult, just a little more tedious than I was expecting.  Just a slight rake forward for now, but I’ll try a few more aggressive settings for autocross.


Removed the radio and speakers. Future plans are to install a set of SPA Technique gauges Oil Press./Temp. and Water Temp./Trans Temp. Combos. This year’s budget was running tight so I put those on hold for now.


Mocked up the steering wheel. The grip is phenomenal, and the size is perfect. 12.5″ is spot on and fits right in with the cockpit. It really adds a little touch of aggression to the interior. I just ordered new black counter-sunk bolts for it too. I’m not a huge fan of chrome.

20150207_214907709_iOS 20150207_214901719_iOS

We also removed the JDM Wind Visors. Here is the car as it sits now. The transmission is at the shop with ASI now, and I am ordering up the last few bolts to get the subframe assembled.


The cage is supposed to begin going in this week.


I also unwrapped some of my swag from Hybrid Racing. They sent a banner, hoodie, and two t-shirts. Along with an assortment of stickers.

20150208_042116936_iOS 20150208_042134996_iOS 20150208_211822364_iOS

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