K-Swap Chronicles: Sponsor Parts

Some goodies from Hybrid Racing showed up late last week! Along with a few other parts that I had ordered.

Parts that have arrived in this shipment;
Shifter Cables
Clutch Line Kit
AC/PS Removal
V4 Conversion Harness
Radiator Cap
Slim Radiator Fans (x2)
Radiator Hoses
Coolant Temp Sensor
Coolant Switch
Radiator Bracket
Tucked Fuel Line Kit
RDX Injectors and Clips
RBC Intake Manifold
Throttle Cable
Grounding kit
Shift Knob
Cold Air Intake
Miss. Swag

Still waiting on;
Bolt-In Shifter Kit
Griffin Full-Sized Radiator
70mm Throttle Body
6″ Filter and Velocity Stack
Throttle Position Sensor
Hytech Pinned VTC Gear to 45*
K20A2 Oil Pump
K20A2 Timing Belt Tensioner

Other parts that were recently received;
MFactory Magnetic Drain Plug Set
Battery Terminal Covers
Upgr8 $25 Rear Camber Kit (figured it was worth a shot)

20150131_205340230_iOS IMG_3558 20150131_205519024_iOS 20150204_225242627_iOS 20150204_232200000_iOS 20150204_232158000_iOS 20150204_232156000_iOS 20150204_232153000_iOS 20150204_232151000_iOS 20150204_232147000_iOS 20150204_225530072_iOS 20150204_232202000_iOS 1

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