K-Swap Chronicles: Overnight Parts From Japan

So throughout the week, parts have been flooding in to both my home and ASI. It has pretty much been like Christmas every day at both places. I’m really starting to get excited about putting it all together, and just about every part needed for the swap has been ordered.

Hondata KPRO Version 4


MFactory Helical LSD (Special thanks to 10cjennings!)

20150123_190522000_iOS 20150123_190536000_iOS 20150123_190546000_iOS

Starter & Alternator

20150122_161512000_iOS 20150122_161459000_iOS

Wing Tilt Risers (aka Alex Brackets)


EP3 OEM Spark Plug Cover. I think it will look great with the yellow valve cover.

20150123_200533672_iOS 20150123_200726826_iOS

Hybrid Racing / Innovative EK (with EG/DC subframe) Engine Mounts. I am actually sending these back though, because I decided to special order a set that is black anodized with yellow 95A bushings.


Bosch Primary O2 Sensor

20150123_013447970_iOS 1

Misc. OEM Bolts, Mounts, and Bearings


Additionally, the new PLM header arrived but I don’t have any pictures of it as of yet.

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