K-Swap Chronicles: DC2 Subframe

One drawback to the K-swap in the EK is the unfavorable engine placement when using the factory EK subframe. Sure there are ways to work with it, but it winds up leading to many unfavorable characteristics… The engine is placed more forward in the engine bay giving poor weight distribution, there are clearance issues with many of the engine components (hood, header, radiator, etc.), and poor axle angles.

When planning out the build, we knew that the obvious choice was to swap out the EK subframe in favor of an EG/DC subframe assembly. Using this, the engine can be placed closer to the firewall, and eliminates just about any of the clearance issues. An additional benefit to this swap, is that it offers more options for improving the poor steering ratio that the EK has. We toyed with steering quickeners, but all in all that was not the direction that we wanted to go.

Yesterday, our “new” 2001 Integra GSR subframe assembly arrived at ASI (LCAs should arrive tomorrow). The assembly is in fantastic shape, no rusting whatsoever and just about everything is in tact. Some minor fixing of a few items, but nothing concerning. The current steering rack on the car is just a hair under 4 turns LTL… It is atrocious… However, with the new GSR rack we should be under 3 turns LTL. This is a significant improvement over the current system.

Here are some pictures.



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