K-Swap Chronicles: 618’s New Heart

Last week, I took the first step in turning the #618 Civic into a complete monster #BeastMode… I purchased a K24A2 from a 2006 Acura TSX from a scrap yard in Columbus, OH. Full long block, with Intake manifold, upper exhaust manifold, coil on packs, engine wiring harness, and heat shields. While most of these parts will be coming off (and hopefully sold), I was very pleased with how complete it was upon arrival. The engine is now sitting at All Speed Innovations awaiting its disassembly and testing. More to come on that.

Here is just a quick update with some pictures.



I have also secured sponsor #2, who is going to play a HUGE role in completing this build. They have been great to work with up to this point, and I look forward to representing them in 2015! I will post an official announcement once parts arrive. So sit tight!! 😀

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