All Speed Innovations Cage, Part 1: Prep

Well, the car is finally in Ohio at All Speed Innovations being prepped and fitted for its half cage. This was my first time visiting the new shop, and I must say that I was super impressed with the layout and how organized everything was. Every car has its own file and section on a large steel rack for part take-offs. I have been to several other shops around the Midwest, and this is definitely one of the best organized that I have been to. Here are some pictures of the shop.








Pat, the owner, and I got started on removing the interior in order to prep the car for its new DOM half cage. All of the lower interior is removed, aside from the dash. The half cage will consist of a main hoop, down bars to the rear strut tower, harness bar, x-bracing, and a rear strut tower brace. Upon completion, the cage and rear interior will be sprayed white to match the exterior. In addition to the cage, the car will also be fitted with Teamtech 4-pt harnesses, a flocked dash, SPA Technique Dual gauges (Oil Temp./Oil Press. & Water Temp./Trans Temp.), fixing all of the wiring and a mild tuck, Driven suede-wrapped 12.5″ steering wheel, and a few other goodies. If everything falls into place, the CTR may have a K24 before the start of the 2015 season… So stay tuned.

Here are some pictures of the interior removal.




This is why slamming a street car is never a good idea… One of the previous owners must’ve hit something nasty that punctured through the floorboard. This will also be fixed.






That’s as far as we decided to go today. All that’s left before the cage is to remove the dash, and trim all unnecessary bracketing. ASI plans to start work on the cage next week, and should be completed by about the end of January.

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