Off-Season Plans ’14-’15

VTEC Issue Update: I spent a little more time on Monday tracking through all of my wiring, and found that 2 pins on my ECU were bent and not making proper contact with the connectors. After bending them back, VOILA! VTEC is working again and the car feels fantastic.

As for my winter plans, the car will be heading off to my sponsor shop, All Speed Innovations. Be sure to check them out at .

Things that are definitely happening

– clean up the wiring

– slight wire tuck and engine bay shaving (just enough to clean it up without making it impossible to work on the car)

– Strip and clean the chassis, paint engine bay white

– Half cage by All Speed Innovations

– Teamtech harnesses (4 or 5 Point)

– Battery relocation

– Flocked dash

Things that might also happen

– K24A2 Swap

I want the car to be the perfect balance of performance and factory reliability. All while keeping with the spirit of the red badge.

Lots more to come once the car arrives at All Speed Innovations and I can discuss the plans with Pat!

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