Wheel Cleaning – Adam’s Polishes

Throughout the season, the white wheels got pretty nasty from scuffing cones and being tossed into the back of the hatch. Tonight I decided to clean them up as good as I could, and store them away in my basement for the winter.

I’ve been using Adam’s Polishes products for over 10 years now, and their products have never left me disappointed. My personal favorite “every application” type of product is their Detail Spray. It has a magical fruit punch/bubblegummie scent, and works for damn near everything I’ve used it for. It does a great job of refreshing wax, removing light dirt buildup, or wiping down a dusty dash. I also grabbed a new bottle of Buttery Wax and applicator, Clay Bar, Interior Detailer, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Quick Sealant, and a new towel and interior brush.

Overall, I’m very happy with how well the wheels cleaned up. It certainly is not easy maintaining white wheels and I was expecting a lot of the marks to be more stubborn than they were.


Here are some pictures of the scuffs before and after.

20141211_225209109_iOS 20141211_230027544_iOS

20141211_230911776_iOS 20141211_231547258_iOS

And a little cameo for my sidekick Henry. For the cuteness factor 😀


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