Craftsman 40″ Tool Storage

This past weekend, my wife and I were at a Sears department store shopping for a new washer/dryer. I was browsing through the tools department checking out the current deals, when I saw that the 40″ Heavy Duty Tool Storage Unit was 50% off the retail of $1,200. When we got married, my wife promised to buy me a tool storage unit, since my ring was far cheaper than hers was :P. 8 months later, she followed through with that promise.

I am really impressed with the quality of the unit, and glad that I held out for this one rather than picking up a cheaper quality one. For something like a tool storage unit, which I intend on having for a very long time, I am happy spending a few extra bucks on a premium brand. Although with the sale, I’m not sure you can beat this 40″ unit for $600 USD.

I’m going to be putting the unit in the corner of my garage in front of the civic, with a 6′ butcher block countertop next to it. I am also getting a 30-gallon horizontal compressor from my dad’s warehouse, that I will be placing below the counter (need to see if it would fit, though. Also considering plumbing it from the basement). A wheel rack in the corner above the tool unit, and cabinets mounted above the work top. I’m also going to have an electrician come in and wire a handful of additional outlets, and some nice overhead lighting. Then I need to finish the walls and paint.

Anyway, here is phase 1!

Key Specs
75 lb load rating per drawer
Ball bearing drawer slides
Keyed locks on top and bottom units
Heavy duty casters
Nicely powdercoated finish

Here is my mock-up for the final back wall plans.

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