AutoX Weekend: Double Header

Shameless plug out of the way… Check out for the latest on the team-based autocross league running out of CCSCC!

I would also like to send a shout out to SPS (AXL Sponsor) for setting me up with the new magnets! They look great!

This weekend was an incredible eye-opener into the car’s setup. The high’s, the lows, and a look at what the car is truly capable of. Aside from some vtec engagement woes, everything else felt incredible and I couldn’t be happier with how the car is shaping up. I actually feel that the current spring rates may be very well suited for the typical, bumpy pavement that I run on.

I was very fortunate to have one of the fastest regional drivers co-drive with my for Saturday’s event. He really helped to reconfirm that the car is setup properly and that everything feels great. Overall, the car ran very well for its first full events on the new wheel setup.

For Saturday, I placed 2nd place in SMF to my co-driver by only 0.020s… I learned a lot from running with him, and am very grateful for all of his help! Aside from the SMF rankings, I placed 17th raw and 19th PAX out of 78 drivers.

Sunday’s event was with Chicago-SCCA. It was my first event with them, and unfortunately Sam and I got off to a bad start. The Google Map for Route 66 Raceway takes you to the wrong location…. Already having been down to the wire for registration, being late put us past the deadline. The guys at the event were kind enough to tech us upon arrival and get us to where we needed to be. Although running late, needless to say, gave us very little time to walk (more like RUN) the course, just once. Being that I am still a “driver in development”, it’s nice to have a good solid walkthrough where I can visualize my lines and memorize the course in my head.

Anyway, enough whining… I had a poor showing to my maiden Chicago-SCCA voyage, and am disappointed in my overall performance. The experience was very humbling after such a fantastic Saturday event. It just goes to show that even though the car is set up properly with great tires, it still has its limits and I need to learn to drive as close to the edge of those limits as possible without wandering outside of them. Tire heat is also an extremely important factor, and on cooler days with more time between and fewer runs, I need to find a way to get (and keep) heat in them.

The MLS Tire Blankets look like a really nice solution.

I also have video from my fastest run on Sunday that I will upload tonight.


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