Braid Fullrace Maxlight Wheels

So my wheels finally made it to me! After 3 weeks since placing my order, I had to make an hour trek to the UPS hub to pay $36 of import broker fees… I’ll admit, I’m pretty salty that UPS didn’t give me a heads up on that, so that I could’ve planned to be home for the delivery. Anyway, it is what it is and I couldn’t be happier with these wheels. They are absolutely gorgeous!

From the bright white finish, to the beautiful machining around the bolt holes, everything about these wheels is perfect… Weighing in at 17.0lbs, they are not the lightest wheels on the market. But you can bet your ass that they’re strong. Braid has made their name for producing top quality rally wheels, and is beginning to expand into the tarmac market. There was an article done a while back by, I believe, GRM that discovered that it is more beneficial to have a heavier, strong wheel, than it is to have a lighter, weaker wheel. Anyway, I will post the article when I find it. It’s late and I want to get this post up before going to sleep.

Big THANK YOU to Pat @ All Speed Innovations for hooking me up!

Braid Fullrace A Maxlight – 15×8 5×114.3 et38, white

Muteki SR48 Lugs
Inside fitment is super close… Any higher offset would’ve rubbed…

205 BFG Rivals vs. 225 Hankook Z214

Bringing them to have the tires mounted tomorrow!

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