Pre-Season Tune-Up

I took the day off of work on Friday to bring the car into the shop for Timing Belt & Water Pump change + Valve Lash Adjustment. They did an outstanding job, and were done with the car in just under 3 hours. The engine sounds fantastic, and runs super smooth. They said that they had to adjust 13 of the 16 valves. Big thanks to Pat and Mikey at ProFunction for helping get the car ready for 2014!

Here she is waiting for me!

I also decided to slap on the Tire Rack windshield banner that SCCA requires for certain events.

And put some painters tape on the adhesive backing for race day stickers. I would’ve just done magnets, but when you have so many on the car the weight actually starts adding up. And I think they will look cleaner like this. My one worry was how long the adhesive would last being placed/removed, so I tested a sticker that I had laying around. After about 20 peel and sticks, it was still laying up perfectly. Good enough for me!

My buddy and I have also been coordinating some team-based league competition for the 2014 season. We call it AutoX League, or “AXL”. Check it out at!

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