Camber Kit, Brake Pads & Fluid

Well I finally had some free time to install my front camber kit and Stoptech pads. I also bled the brakes with Amsoil Series 600 fluid.

Up on stands
Front wheel off, ready to go!
Disconnecting the lower fork from the control arm
OEM upper wishbone coming out
OEM removed, ready for the new parts
In with the new!
Probably the ugliest suspension combo I’ve seen…
Front caliper disassembly for the new pads
Old Omni v new Stoptech SP
I thought this was a cool shot…
I also shimmed the rear arms with 2 washers under each bolt to help correct the rear camber a little. I’m hoping to get between -3 and -3.5 in front, and -1 to -1.5 rear

Shimmed the rear to dial out some of the negative camber
Bleeding the brakes
Front camber after!

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