Koni + Ground Control Installation

Installed the Koni Yellows tonight. Overall took about 3 hours. I was taking my time, and I had never disassembled a Honda suspension before. Everything was pretty straight forward, and NONE of the bolts were seized! Gotta love California cars!

I ended up going with 400lb F/500lb R, figured it was the best setup for autocross.

The old HKS Hipermax Pro coilovers had ridiculous ride height and spring rates
Close up of the top mount dropping from the chassis
Inside the car, unbolting the top mount at the rear tower

The Koni’s have a good amount of additional stroke over the HKS

Koni + GC v HKS Hipermax
Rear left all mounted up
Made sure to coat most of the bolts with anti-sieze
Mounting the rear damper to the LCA

I also went and removed the “useless/blingy” Beaks bar…

this was on the car when I got it… Sold for $65 shipped

Rear right installed
Left front HKS
Assembling the lower fork to the front damper
Left front done

Due to loss of daylight, I didn’t document much of the front installation…

All settled, probably about stock EK9 height

*Ride height is 12.5″ from hub center to edge of the fender all around

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