Dyno Tuning!

I’ve had a few updates, so I will post in rapid fire mode.

As far as the tune… The car ran pretty good on the dyno, although the numbers weren’t exactly as I was expecting. The intake is horrible (leaks etc) so we were losing about 6-8whp from the poor design. We know this, because we fabbed up a rudimentary intake for a single run and gained 7whp without any tuning, lol.

On the car’s best run, it was 156 whp, I dont have the graph on hand to give tq at the moment. I was really hoping for more in the range of 170ish, but the intake is a hindrance and the exhaust is still restrictive with the cat. While it is disappointing that it was lower than I’d like, I wanted a car like this for drivetrain reliability etc. I am okay with these numbers for the car’s function.

When I was about to leave the shop after my 3.5 hour visit, the key stopped turning in the cylinder… So we had to mess around with that for an hour to cut out the steering lock so that I could get the car home. So that is something that I now need to fix… Really annoying, but I guess it is what it is. So now my car is sitting in the garage like it was just hotwired by a thug in South Central with no steering column lock or keyed ignition. It’s a mess…

In addition, the car doesn’t seem to be changing over to high-cam when it hits the VTEC band, so I have to go back to the shop this coming weekend and have him take a look. There’s a possibility that the ECU flash got corrupted when it was translating over.

I was really hoping to have the car in a far different condition at this point.

Almost time!
Headed inside

All strapped up!
Strapped up – Picture taken with GoPro Hero3 Black
Blue = Leaky intake, Red = fabbed up tube

Since the car wasn’t making the power we expected, we checked the spark plugs and the cams to make sure that they were CTR cams. No problems there, but we did install better spark plugs.

Valve cover off
Spoon adjustable cam gears
All ready for her new suspension tomorrow

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